Why Krivara

       Krivara is a leading online portal for leasing Billboards worldwide. Founded with the objective of being the trusted marketplace for outdoor media advertising spaces in India, the site allows users to find billboard spaces for rent easily! Powered by a robust IT system, our site features complete control from leasing to payouts, user friendliness in uploading and leasing Billboards.
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Choose Krivara for its unique benefits

  • Establishing presence online
  • Reach to potential clients
  • Freedom to select appropriate client
  • Monitor all contracts online
  • Pre-booking to minimize idle time of billboard usage
  • Prompt payment procedure

For Advertisers

  • Ad agencies or Clients can search from hundreds of verified billboards of their choice online on the web application.
  • Logistics planned for easy access to reach the billboard operators
  • Business Conversion time is considerably less
  • Expenditure is approximately 5% of the money spent in traditional way

  Working Model Of Krivara